Haerbin, North China

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View of the train station form the steps of our hotel

[ CRW_5990_RJ.jpg ]
Three wheeled push bike with tray on the back. These seemed to be the main form of transporting good about in Haerbin

[ CRW_5991_RJ.jpg ]
Neon-tastic street in Haerbin

[ CRW_5992_RJ.jpg ]
Another hotel near to the station

[ CRW_6000_RJ.jpg ]
Pedestrian crossing. The traffic lights in Haerbin have this great count down times, so people know how long they haf to cross the road, and drivers know how long they have to wait to go or how long until the lights turn red. If only the traffic would actually obey the red lights!

[ CRW_6002_RJ.jpg ]
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