The Train from Haerbin to Beijing

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The harder sleepers had six beds and no doors. Three beds on each side.

[ CRW_6274_RJ.jpg ]
Looking down the train at all of the hard sleeper cabins.

[ CRW_6275_RJ.jpg ]
Crops growing in the snow, view from the train

[ CRW_6277_RJ.jpg ]
Chinese version of a pot noodle 5 Yuan (about 30 UK pence), they were huge in comparison to the English versions.

[ CRW_6280_RJ.jpg ]
Contents of the pot noodles; Noodles, 1 sachet of vegetable, 1 sachet of 'soup base', 1 packet of beef (a few little pieces in some thick stock) and a fork. Quite tasty, and a good idea, as you don't have to add the beef bits, if it's the only thing left in the resaraunt car and you are a vegetarian.

[ CRW_6281_RJ.jpg ]
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