Trans-Siberian from Irkutsk to Haerbin

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Heather in our two berth cabin on the train from Irkutsk to Haerbin.

[ CRW_5954_RT16.jpg ]
Heather and our train, both waiting at the Russian border station of Zabaikalsk. We had a five hour wait here while the Russians did the passport checks and the train payed a visit to the bogie-changing shed

[ CRW_5956_RT16.jpg ]
Two sets of rails for the train. The Soviet Union five-foot gauge tracks and the slightly smaller gauge used by the rest of the world.

[ CRW_5957_RT16.jpg ]
Landscape from the train taken through the dirty window. Sorry.

[ CRW_5958_RT16.jpg ]
Landscape from the train taken through the dirty window. Sorry.

[ CRW_5959_RT16.jpg ]
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