Barry's Stag Do!!!

So in preparation for the forthcoming wedding bliss, we decided to take Barry down to Brighton for one last taste of freedom for the inevitable "STAG WEEKEND"!!!

We arrived on the Friday and started the weekend off in style... A free tequila for Barry care of the Hotel manager... and a flaming Sambuka for all :o)

Now that we were nicely lubricated... Ooo-er we headed of for a spot of gambling at the racecourse! We're we proceeded to win on the first race, thanks to a fine tip from Paul... Promptly lose on the rest... And drink lots of beer... C'est La Vie...

Following the racing, we had the simple task of getting back to the town centre. Did I say simple, well the people on the bus certainly thought we were

Hmmm... Friday afternoon... What to do? Aha! Drink Beer and abuse people!

After a bit of a relax and a change of clothes, it was down to the local watering hole for some good beer, good music and good... erm... Dancing?!?
I must admit, the Walkabout pub in Brighton is one of the really good pubs. They had a great live band on Friday and Saturday, and some slightly dodgy CD playing...

After the Walkabout we headed back to the hotel to hit the amazing nightclub beneath it... Amazing because we were the only ones there!Oh yeah... and a few early morning hangover shots!

One of the highlights of the Weekend... Saturday morning Go-Karting!!!

So we spend Saturday afternoon drinking beer on the Pier... and then walked through a magic toilet and appeared in a Karaoke bar!?!

Saturday afternoon was... let's say a little interesting...

Then Saturday evening it was a change of clothes (especially for Barry) and back to the Walkabout for a quick drink then onto a club.The quick drink turned into us being kicked out at 2330 and then going to Creation (a club near by) until 0230. Sorry no photos from that :o)

One Question cropped up during the Stag Weekend, and was never quite answered... No not the one for Kate... Is Paul Gay?

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