Holiday in Grenada, January 2004

Well it was January 2004, and Heather and I were in need of some winter sun, so having booked a good deal on the BA Holidays website we packed our bags for Grenada.
At the last count there were about 354 photos in total, the wonders of digital photography (and a snap happy photographer). I have split the photos into several albums, I suggest just having a look at my favourite photos from the holiday first, and then have a look at the others if you have time :o)

We stayed at the Rex Grenadian for 10 days from the 3rd January 2004 to 12th January 2004. We choose to go room-only, so that we would venture out and experience the local restaurants and atmosphere.

Grenada's capital, St. George's, is an attractive colonial town nestled in the hillsides above a horseshoe-shaped harbour. During the eighteenth century, the town was partly gutted by three devastating fires, leading to legislation that restricted the height of buildings and banned the use timber. The result of all this is a town dominated by British colonial architecture but with a distinctly Mediterranean feel.
One of the restaurants we went back to a few times was the Nutmeg. This was situated in St. George's, overlooking the Carnage [pronounced Car-narge], (have a look a the St. George's album to see what the Carnage is :o).

The island of Grenada is not huge, but big enough. One day we hired a jeep and tried to visit as many of the sights as possible.
We made it to the largest Nutmeg Processing Station on the Island, Caribs Leap, Lake Antoine, the Rivers Rum Distillery, Mount Carmel Waterfall and Fort Jeudy.
We tried to find Tufton Hall Waterfall, but after driving around in circles, we asked for directions and were told "it's that way, but you can't get their by car, it's an hour's hike..." So we gave up. We also tried to go to the Slave Pen, but you have to book in advance! We did drive past the road for the Cocoa processing factory, but it was getting late, and we were tired.

We visited the Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station. Grenada is the second largest producer of nutmegs in the world, accounting for abaout a third of the world's supply. This station is part of the Grenadian Co-Operative Nutmeg Association.

Carib's Leap is a point in the north of the island. Directly north of the town of Sauteurs is a steep cliff face that descends vertically into the sea for more than 100 feet. It was from the top of the cliff that Grenada's last remaining Carib Indians leapt to their death in 1651, preferring suicide to domination by the French.

Lake Antoine is one of the creator lakes on Grenada. They have formed in the creators of dormant volcanoes.

The Rivers Rum Distillery is the only distillery on the island that is still operated using a water wheel. The distillery was established by the british in 1785 and all the rum is sold and consumed within Grenada, apart from the odd bottle bought by tourists. The rum is made from the sugar cane juices, taken from sugar canes that are grown and the estate and are still harvest by hand, well machete.

The Royal Mount Carmel Waterfall is comprised of two sublime waterfalls that plunge more than 70 feet into crystal pools. Together they make up the island's highest waterfall.

Fort Jeudy is not a fort, but a rugged peninsula jutting into through Atlanic Ocean, with Grenada's hills as a backdrop. We didn't know this at the time and went off to find the fort. All we found was a ver nice sunset :o).

We did go on one organised tour to the St. Margaret Waterfall. This was about a 45 minute drive and then a 45 minute hike to find the place. Unfortunately when we got their there were lots of tourists taking a swim. But after a while they trundled off :o).

We caught a couple of local buses and went into the Grand Etang National Park to do the Mount Qua Qua trail. It had been raining and was very muddy, so we gave up about three-quaters the way through. The Grand Etang National Park is set in a rain forest that covers a substantial part of Grenada.

I also got the chance to do some diving with D2O (Devotion 2 Ocean), the dive center based at the hotel. The current owners (Ruth and Andrew) were borther and sister from the UK. They took over the dive center a few months earlier, but after a lot of hard work the place was refurbished and one of the best dive centers I have been to on holiday :o). I choose to do five days worth of diving spread out over the holiday, it worked out well having two morning dives, leaving the rest of the afternoon to relax.

Dive Date Start Time Duration (mins) Max Depth (m) Place Type
1 04/01/2004 10:09 48 17.7 Northern Exposure Reef
2 04/01/2004 12:17 55 14.9 Veronica L Wreck
3 05/01/2004 10:05 28 39.0 Bianca C Wreck
4 05/01/2004 11:38 42 19.8 Purple Rain Drift
5 08/01/2004 09:52 32 24.4 Purple Rain Reef
6 08/01/2004 11:31 52 11.9 Quarter Wreck Wreck
7 09/01/2004 09:45 31 27.7 Saun Juan (Shark Wreck) Wreck
8 09/01/2004 11:31 52 11.9 Shark Reef Reef
9 11/01/2004 09:44 37 32.3 TBC Reef/Wreck
10 11/01/2004 11:27 44 18.3 TBC Reef

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