Five Days in Reykjavik

In August 2004, Heather attended a conference in Iceland. We decided to have a short holiday following the conference. I arrived on Satuday, Heather was already in Reykjavik. The weather for the five days that I was there was changeable, but mostly overcast and rainy. We did have a day or two with some sunshine. On my first day in Reykjavik I made my way from the International airport at Keflavik to the hotel we were staying at. I dropped of my bags and we grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading off for the Whale Watching trip that we had booked.

We started Sunday with pony trekking. Two hours riding through the lavafields surrounding the Mt. Helgafell volcano with Íshestar ( Then we traversed some amazing scenery on a coach stopping at the Kerio Volcano, the Geyser hot spring area and the amazingGullfoss waterfall.

Monday was mostly taken up by riding on coaches. We decided that we wanted to go hiking in Thórsmörk natural reserve, South Iceland. This involved a three and a half hour coach ride each way to get the the National Park. The coach journey included one change, were we changed from the nice new comfy coach, to a slightly more well used coach that was taller, had larger wheels and was 4x4. We soon find out why as it wove it's way through ominous terrain and driving through several rivers to get to our destination. It was hard to believe that this was a regular bus service on a regular route!

We spent Tuesday wandering around Reykjavik. Looking around the town and visiting a museum and art gallery or two.

Wednesday was an early start back to the UK. Due to the times of the flights between Keflavik, London Stanstead and Blackpool airport, we spent most of the day sat in the sun at Stanstead Airport.

If you don't have much time to traverse all of the albums, here is a selection of my favourite photos from the trip.

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