Holiday in Kas, Turkey - 2003

Well as Heather wanted to go on a trekking holiday, and I wanted to go on a diving holiday, we made a compromise, and went on a "light" trekking holiday, to somewhere were I could go diving. The holiday was booked through Exodus and the details can be found on the Exodus Web site under DTQ: THE TURQUOISE COAST.

As we arrived at Dalaman airport, the weather was a bit gray to say the least. There were to be eight in the group (Me, Heather, Ian, Hillary, Rob, Brian, Barbara and Laura) plus our guide (Arzu). Arzu introduced herself and explained that the last ten days had seen lots of rain and lots of thunder and lightening! Doh! But... The weather was forecast to get better. On the 2-3 hour coach ride to Kas, the area seemed quite picturesque. The scenery was intensified by dozens of rainbows and then a few dramatic thunder and lightening storms for good effect as it grew dark.

Right then... Day One! As ordered, the weather had changed. Blue sky and wispy white clouds. We were assured that the first day was going to be a warm up walk. We walked along part of The Lycian Way from "Kas" to "Liman Ağizi". It was a lovely day and a lovely walk. It has to be said that this is one of the most picturesque places I have every seen.

Day Two! A short-ish minibus drive away was the start of our next walk. We continued to follow part of The Lycian Way. This walk covered from "Kapakli" to "Andriake", ending at the first sand beach we had seen. The one obstacle between the last section of the walk and the beach was a little bit of a river that was flowing into the sea. How to cross you wonder? Via the most questionable make-shift bridge you have probably ever seen :o).

Day Three. Another short-ish minibus drive and we were at "Arykanda". Not really being into walking, the idea of mooching around an archaeological site for the morning quite appealed to me. Unfortunately the walking was mostly up steep hills and the site was quite scattered. After looking around the site and finding out what the majority of the ruins were and what they were used for, we headed on down into the local village to have lunch. We had been told that some of the best meals on the tour were provided by "local" houses. This is where the tour operators have asked around in the village if there was anyone interested in providing food for groups of people as a way of making a little extra cash. In this case it was the wife of the guard who worked at the archaeological site. Our guide was true to her word, the food was indeed marvelous. After lunch we had a short minibus ride up a hill (mountain) and had an afternoon walking off the delicious lunch down hill :o) There are also a few dramatic sunset photos here, take from our balcony in the hotel in Kas.

Day Four was split into three parts, as they were fairly distinct. This was another visit to an archaeological site, this time it was a visit to "Pinara". The weather was still nice, but today was a bit muggy and got uncomfortable at times. Again the site was spread out over quite a lot of ground and mostly uphill. The rest at the Greek theatre towards the end of the visit was quite welcome (give or take a few insect bites). After we had seen and heard all there was, we headed off to trek back down to the local village, where once again we were to enjoy the delights of a meal from a local house. This particular house was also home to a rather sweet little girl, whose pouting photo is included in the album.

After lunch we headed to "Saklikent Canyon". This is quite a popular tourist attraction in the area, and we were surprised to actually see other people here (one sight that we didn't seen much of during the other days). The canyon was enjoyable, and is what was referred to as a "Wet Walk". There is a deep canyon with water flowing through it. And you walk from one side of the canyon to the other and back again several times, crossing the river. The current was quite strong and the water was cold. But luckily not too deep in most places.

On the way back to Kas from Saklikent Canyon, we stopped off at a carpet making factory. As part of a ploy to get you to buy a rug, the owners give demonstrations of how the rugs are made from scratch. And then show you an amazing selection of carpets (rugs) which they have to sell.

Day Five! The day off. And I managed to get two dives in. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. The diving in Turkey is good. There wasn't as much to see as the places I dived before, but I have been spoilt with the Maldives and the Red Sea. The water temperature was about 19C and the visibility was good. Quite a lot of opportunities for macro photos but the scenery was not as nice as that on land. The morning dive was at "Flying Fish" and the afternoon dive was at "Ug Kaya"

Day Six was the sea kayak trip to explore the sunken city of "Kekova". Again the scenery on the land was amazing, and you could make out shapes of walls that had fallen into the sea, but I was a little disappointed with the sunken city as in my mind I had made it out to be far more than what it was. A great day though! I was glad to get back in a kayak after about six years, even if it was a sea kayak... God they are like tanks to manoeuvre!

And finally, from the last supper, a couple of photos of our guide, Arzu, who made the trip a great holiday (even if she was a little bit sparing on the descriptions of how much of a hike laid in wait for us)!

In case you get bored searching through the mounds of photos here, here is a selection of my favourite photos from throughout the holiday...

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